Prepared meat production process

Prepared meat products refer to meat (including raw materials, finished products, and cooked products) that have been processed and seasoned or battered, or raw materials that have only been dried, using edible oil as the heating medium, and fried or poured at high temperature to get the cooked meat products made.

Select qualified healthy beef, clean it and crush it, choose pickling or boiling pretreatment according to the process requirements, and process the semi-finished product into the shape of the final product according to the requirements. Various shapes can be realized with a forming machine.

Some products need to be coated, which uses a battering machine, a flouring machine, and a crumb breading machine. After that, the formed product is fried to shaped, taken out to cool, and cooled and packaged.

Current status and development trend of products: prepared meat products have a good appearance and flavor due to the special frying process, with a crispy taste and strong flavor.

However, it is necessary to control the frying temperature and time, and the quality of the edible oil determines the final quality of the product. If necessary, a frying oil filter is suggested.

According to research, beef fried at 180°C has the best quality.