Fruits&Vegetable processing machine

  • Vegetable cutting machine

    *It cuts vegetables into all shapes like shred, slice, stripe/stick, cube/dice etc.

    *It can cut leafy vegetables, root vegetables, also can cut meat.

  • vegetable drying machine

    It is suitable for the food cooling, air dehydration and deoiling after washing, frying, cooking, de-enzyme, blanching, packing and sterilization.

  • Vegetable peeling machine

    *It uses brush principle, small energy consumption, small size, light weight, convenient operation.

    *It can remove the fish scales, no damage to the fish, no limit to the fish size.

  • Vegetable washing machine

    *The machine adopts SS304 mesh belt, smooth operation, long service life, etc. meet the food hygienic requirement.

    *It has bubble generator, make the materials become rolling state, to remove the pesticide residues on the surface.