Batter coating machine BAT600

*聽Suitable for thin batter coating.

*聽It can offer a even coating of the chicken (poultry), beef, meat, seafood etc with a two-layer batter curtain on the top and a batter under-bath.

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* Special design of batter pump can greatly reduce the cutting of the batter.

* Fast-combine design, easy to clean, less damage to the viscosity of the聽batter.

* Easy and reliable adjustment.

* Reliable protecting device.

* CE standard electric apparatus guarantee the safety and reliability.

* Can be precisely combined to a forming machine, a breading machine or a fryer to realize the continuous producing.

* Stainless steel, creative design, reasonable structure and reliable Features.

Model BAT400
Conveying Speed 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050卤50mm
Output Height 1050卤50mm
Belt Width 400/600mm
Power 2.6kW
Overall Dimension 1900脳935脳1450mm

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