Burgers nuggets forming machine MF300

Burgers nuggets forming machine MF300

* Can make two pcs burger (80mm diameter) per stroke, covering functions of filling, forming and conveying, etc.

* Also can combine a fully automatic prepared food line聽when connecting with the batter, preduster, fryer, cooker, instant freezer and packing machine.

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* This Patty machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and output and form a fully automatic prepared food line when connected with the battering machine, preduster, frying machine, cooking machine, instant freezer and packing machine, sharing the good features of high production capacity and stable quality.

* Endless patterns can design for your products: round, square, ellipse, triangle, heart and some other patterns such as cartoon, star鈥

* Screw feeding, speed adjustable.

* Cylinder filling, big pressure, perfect molding effect.

* Steel wire cutter, with waterline clean function.

Technical parameter:


Belt width:聽260mm


Production capacity:聽150-300kg/h

Stroke times:聽15~30times/minute

Production thickness:聽6~15mm

Tank capacity:聽32L

Max. Dia. of the products:聽140mm(for hamburger)



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