Burgers nuggets forming machine MF600

Burgers nuggets forming machine MF600

* Can be utilized as stand-alone food production equipment covering functions of filling, forming and conveying, etc.

* Also can combine a fully automatic prepared food line聽when connecting with the batter, preduster, fryer, cooker, instant freezer and packing machine.

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* It adopts the method of four-screw feeding system, greatly reduces the cutting of the material, and has better features of high production capacity and stable quality.

* Easy and convenient replacement of food and the accurate portion control realize the cost control of the production.

* Widely handles in the forming procedure of meat, poultry, fish, shrimp and the potato, tuber crops.

* And it can be applied in the fields of all kind of minced/sliced products for premier meat texture taste.

Model MF600 MF400 MF200
Belt Width 600mm 400mm 130mm
Air Pressure/Water Pressure 6 bar/2 bar 6 bar/2 bar
Power 11kW 11kW 0.55kW
Capacity 500-1000kg/h 200-600kg/h 30L
Stroke speed 15-60 times/min 15-55 times/min 35 times/min
Product Thickness 6-40mm 6-25mm 8-15mm
Weight Tolerance 鈮1% 鈮1%
Max. Product Diameter 150mm (Hamburger) 135mm (Hamburger) 100mm (Hamburger)
Filling Pressure 3-15MPa 3-15MPa
Overall Dimension 3170脳1176脳2430mm 2828脳830脳2136mm 860脳600脳1400mm

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