Continuous fryer machine

* Automatic feeding, discharging, temperature control, filtering function.

*Automatic lifting system, conveying system, heating system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electric control system.

*Double convey belts with variable speed controlled by inverter.

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Continuous fryer machine

*Continuous fryer machine main body uses stainless steel SUS304.

*Using the technology of oil-water mixture, match with Italy brand burner, heat exchanger was installed in the oxygen filling box, which can be added air for the pipe, it can burn adequately in pipe and emissions small, no pollution, high thermal efficiency, warming faster and improve production efficiency.

*This machine can realize automatic feeding, discharging, temperature control, filtering function.

*Double convey belt can avoid over fried caused by floating and not prompt output.

Model Dimension (mm) Belt size (mm) Power (kral) Oil volume (L) Capacity (kg/h)
ZQ-3000 3000x1800x2500 600 200,000 600 100-300
ZQ-4000 4000x1800x2500 600 300,000 1000 200-400
ZQ-5000 5000x1800x2500 1000 400,000 1200 300-500
ZQ-8000 7500x1800x2500 1000 400,000 1800 2000

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