Crumbs breading machine BRD600

* It coats the surface of the products by the bread crumb poured out from the upper hopper and coat the bottom of the products by the special designed聽lower conveyor belt.

* Widely being used for meat, seafood and vegetables breading coating.

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*聽Use the strap conveying, avoiding the damage of the structure and pattern of the wet crumb.

*聽The frequency conversion control of the speed for the upper and lower strap also for the upper belt.

*聽The air tube can blow off the extra crumb.

*聽The unique blanking design.

*聽None聽broken of the crumbs.

* Apply the OMRON聽electric parts, safe and reliable.

*聽The whole machine is made of stainless steel and nonmetal material, meet the HACCP standard.

Model BRD400/600 BRD200
Conveying Speed Rang 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050卤50mm 720mm
Output Height 1050卤50mm 780卤50mm
Wire Belt Width 400/600mm 200mm
Power 3.7kW 0.86kW
Overall Dimension 2638脳856脳2280mm 1720脳650脳1400mm

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