Fresh meat slicer machine FQ200-2

Fresh meat slicer machine FQ200-2

* Multiple slices with Horizontal cutting.

* Suitable for fresh chicken meat, pork, beef, lamb and poultry.

* Also capable of chicken butterflying.

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*聽High cutting precision, multiple slices in single cut with minimum thickness of 3mm,maximum thickness of 50mm.

*聽Through blade cassette changing, switch between chicken breast slicing function and butterflying function as well as cutting thickness adjustment is easily and quickly completed.

*聽Floating upper belt, wide application for different precut thickness.

*聽Multilayer cutting of different thickness.

*聽Quality module type mesh belt, long life guaranteed.

*聽Omron electrical parts, CE approved safety service.

*聽Made in stainless steel and engineering plastic, easy to clean and HACCP standard.

*聽Easy operation and low maintenance cost.

Model FQ200-2 FQ200
Belt width 200mm*2 150mm
Cutting thickness 2.5~50mm 2.5~50mm
Max. product width 140mm 130mm
Product thickness 10-100mm 10-100mm
Capacity 200-800kg/h 200-400kg/h
Power 1.9kW/380V 1.5kW/380V
Dimension 1780*1150*1430mm 1800*950*1200mm
Weight 400kg 280kg

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