Meat flattening machine

* Meat flattening machine is endowed with dependable protection system and Siemens electronic components for durable performance.

*Continuous production is realizable by incorporating with our electric meat tenderizer.
*We adopt stainless steel to fabricate this multi-functional food flattening equipment with ingenious design

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* It is fitted with 4 pressure rollers to flatten all kinds of fresh or frozen meat materials to desirable thickness.

* Our stainless steel flattening equipment improves your food production by equal cooking time and reduced frying time.

*This meat product processing machine is applicable for production of beef steak, meat steak and fish steak in thickness less than 40mm.

Technical parameter:


Speed of the belt:聽3-15m/min adjustable

Flattening thickness:聽3-30mm

Width of the belt:聽400/600mm


Overall dimension:聽2135脳715脳1350mm

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