Meat grinder mincer machine

*The meat (frozen) food can be twisted to a particle 蠁6-蠁16mm, it is the necessary equipment of meat products processing.

*And product contact parts made of high quality stainless steel, structural design is easy to disassemble and clean, with food hygiene requirements.

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*Adapt to large, medium and small meat processing plants, it can process -18 鈩 not thawed boneless meat pieces, directly into different particle size diameter, do the preliminary work for minced or stirring.

*It pushed the raw meat to the pre-cut plate by a screw in hopper tank, so that by the rotation of the screw extrusion, the orifice and cutter produce relative operation, which will cut into the meat particulate material, to ensure uniformity of meat.

Model JR-100 JR-120 JR-160
Power (KW) 4kw/380v 7.5kw/380v 15kw/380v
Capacity(Kg/h) 300-500 500-1500 2000-3000
Screw speed 260rpm 250rpm 154rpm
Dimension (mm) 710脳620脳980 850脳630脳1100 1315脳750脳1300
Weight(Kg) 190 270 600

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