Meat injector machine

* This machine is made of stainless steel, rigorous design, reasonable structure, easy to operate.

* Meat chain can discharge off, easy to clean.

* Needles arranged in a single needle single tube, with automatic protection device, when the needle hit a hard object, the needle automatically pops up, not damaged, thereby achieving a meat injection no dead ends.

* High precision bearings run smoothly high efficiency

* Each transmission bearings by induction hardening from fine adjusted.

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* This injection machine can make the prepared pickle liquid injected into the meat, then meat passed through a vacuum tumbler for full pickling, permeate.

* It can loose muscle tissue structure, conducive to the dissolution of myosin. Since the additives on raw meat, enhance the role of ionic strength, adjustment of protein.

* The injected preparation liquid enables meat tenderizer, soft, thereby increasing the production rate and improve meat tenderness and taste of the meat.

* According to different process requirements, adjust the stepping speed, stepping distance, the meat board press space and the injection pressure, the pickling liquid was injected quantitative, uniform, continuously, in order to achieve the best injection effect of the product.

Model ZS-24 ZS-48 ZS-80
Dimension 1280*820*1650(mm) 1350*920*1750(mm) 1520*1020*1800(mm)
Needles 24needles 48 needles 80 needles
Power 1.6kw 1.6kw 1.6kw
Pump 1.0kw 1.0kw 1.0kw
Step speed 20-80m/min 20-80m/min 20-80m/min
Injection pressure 0.1-0.8mpa 0.1-0.8mpa 0.1-0.8mpa
Injected time 16 times/min 16 times/min 16 times/min
Injected qty 40-60% 40-60% 60-80%
Capacity 400kg/h 600kg/h 800kg/h
Weight 330kg 330kg 420kg

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