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  • Why have some rust on your bowl cutter?

    After the bowl cutter,meat grinder,cooking mixer arrive to you, and you open the plywood box,maybe you can see some rust points on the machine,maybe you will ask why your machine is rusty? Is your machine made from SUS304 or SUS 316?
    Firstly, some parts of the machine maybe not SUS304, such as the chain and gear. Because the SUS304 is soft and easy be damaged if SUS304.
    But why some parts are made from SUS304, also have some rust points?
    Stainless steel refers to steel with stainless and corrosion resistance as the main characteristics, and the chromium content is at least 10.5%, and the maximum carbon content is not more than 1.2%. Among them, 304 stainless steel is a common material in stainless steel, with a density of 7.93 g/cm³, also known as 18/8 stainless steel in the industry. It can withstand high temperature up to 800℃, and has the characteristics of good processability and high toughness.
    Why does stainless steel rust?
    First of all, let's understand the structure of stainless steel: stainless steel is a crystal solid composed of atomic arrangements. In addition to iron, it also contains other metal components such as chromium, nickel, titanium, etc. Chromium and nickel elements have anti-rust function and can form a passive film to prevent stainless steel from rusting.
    The following conditions may cause damage to the protective film on the stainless steel surface, causing corrosion and rust.
    1. The surface of stainless steel accumulates dust containing other metal elements or attachments of heterogeneous metal particles. In humid air, the condensed water between the attachments and stainless steel connects the two into a micro-battery, triggering an electrochemical reaction , the protective film is damaged, which is called electrochemical corrosion.
    2. Organic juices (such as vegetables, noodle soup, etc.) adhere to the surface of stainless steel. In the presence of water and oxygen, organic acids will be formed, and organic acids will form organic acids to corrode the metal surface for a long time.
    3. The surface of stainless steel adheres to substances containing acids, alkalis, and salts (such as alkaline water and lime water sprayed on walls for decoration) to cause local corrosion.
    4. In polluted air (atmosphere containing a large amount of sulfide, oxide, and hydrogen oxide), when it encounters condensed water, it will form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid liquid points, causing chemical corrosion.
    For example: 304 steel pipes, in the atmosphere of dry cleansing, absolute good resistant to tarnishing ability is arranged, but it is moved on to riviera, in containing the sea fog of a large amount of salts, will soon get rusty;
  • What are the heating source of Tindo Cooking Mixers?

    In order to help the clients choose the most ecnomic solution for cooking and mixing the foods, Tindo makes different kinds of heating source, including gas, steam, electric thermal oil, induction. 
    The clients can choose the suitable heating method for the cooking mixers.
  • Is Tindo company a burger machinery manufacturer?

    Yes, Tindo is a professional burger machinery manufacturer in China. Also,as a food machinery factory, Tindo supply reliable nuggets machine,hamburger patty machine, prepared food coating machine, frying machine, vegetables processing machine,cooking mixing kettle etc. 
    We have been in the food processing machinery more than 15 years, can do the whole solution from A to Z for different kinds of food processing companies. 
  • Why should I use a chicken nuggets machine?

    The Tindo MF series chicken patty nuggets machine is suitable for making patties and nuggets for medium scale factory, which could make 400kgs-1200kgs patties and nuggets one hour.
    If you change forming machine molds, it could make different shape beef patty, chicken patty, chicken steak, potato patty, pet food etc, which could automatically complete filling, forming patties, output for the patties, also could be connected with battering machine, flouring (predusting) machine, battering machine, breading machine frying machine, freezer and packing machine to form one whole patty making line. Buying one line could save your labor much, and it need only one operator only.


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