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  • Tindo Contact Cooker

    When it comes to cooking, there are a variety of options available on the market today. However, for many food production companies, a contact cooker may be the best choice. A contact cooker uses a combination of heat, pressure, and time to cook food evenly, resulting in consistent quality and flavo

    2023 08-18
  • Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Meat Mixer delivery

    As consumers become more conscious about the quality and safety of the food they eat, the demand for advanced meat processing equipment is on the rise. Nitrogen filling vacuum meat mixer is one such innovation that has revolutionized the meat processing industry.

    2023 07-07
  • Chicken Nuggets Machine delivery to Russia

    As a professional manufacturer of the chicken nuggets machine in China, Tindo always supply top level food machine to help the chicken nuggets manufacturer to steup reliable production plant.The chicken nuggets machine, including nuggets forming machine, chicken nuggets battering machine, chicken nu

    2023 05-12
  • Why need filling nitrogen during mixing the meat stuffing?

    Tindo makes Nitrogen Filled Vacuum Meat Mixer, but do you know wht

    2023 05-01
  • Vacuum Meat Mixer Dlivery To Argentina

    Tindo supplies Nitrogen filled vacuum meat mixer

    2023 04-28
  • How do you cool pasta after boiling it?

    PASTA COOKING COOLING MACHINE is a compact, easy-to-use appliance that has revolutionized the pasta cooking process with its innovative features and superior functionality. This machine is designed to provide a quick and efficient way of cooking and cooling pasta to perfection, making it an ideal so

    2023 03-27
  • What machines are used to make chicken nuggets?

    Chicken nuggets are typically made using automated food processing equipment such as a cutter, a dicer, a tenderizer, a battering system, and a fryer. The machines are combined to create a complete pr

    2023 02-24
  • Gas heating cooking mixer machine delivery to Indonesia

    A 500L volume gas heating cooking mixer is packaged and waiting for delivery to Indonesia. The gas heating cooking mixer is a main series equipment made by Tindo team. This gas heating cooking mixer with automatic temperature control system. As a manufacturer of the cooking mixer, Tindo offers deepl

    2023 02-20
  • What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a Multicooker?

    What is the difference between a industrial pressure cooker and a Multicooker?Industrial pressure cookers' characteristics:1. The operation of industrial pressure cooker is simpleWhen the industrial pressure cooker is in use, the pressure value in the steam pressure cooker is set through the pressur

    2023 02-08
  • Why Batter and Breading Food Before Frying

    Why Batter and Breading Food Before Drying?Did you try to put a naked, skinless chicken breast in a deep fryer directly? I strongly disagree with it. The moment it gets into a vat filled with 200°C oil, something starts to happen. First, the moisture quickly turns to steam, bubbling like a geyser, a

    2023 02-06
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