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  • Wireless Temperature sensor on Cooking Mixer

    Tindo keep developing the design and technology on the cooking mixers, meat machine ,and all other machines.In order to work out the problem of the automatic temperature control system of gas heating cooking mixer, Tindo adopt the wireless temperature sensor working together with the temperature con

    2023 01-23
  • automatic breading machine tested waiting for delivery

    The 300mm width automatic breading machine and battering machine, together with batter mixer are tested,running well. Will delivery to Russia today. This 300mm automatic breading machine and battering machine will be used for chicken nuggets,fish fillet and cheese stick coating breading crumbs. Tindo automatic breading machine with press roller to make sure the crumbs coated well on the nuggets. And it has blower to remove the extra crumbs which not stick on the nuggets also.

    2023 01-19
  • Peanut roaster delivery to Kenya

    Tindo's peanuts roaster​,almond roaster, is an ideal roaster machine for different kinds of nuts,such as melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, etc. This design peanuts roaster use electric induction heating, it is a reliable and factory price peanuts roaster, no matter you are a commercial shop or nuts processing factory, this nuts roaster will suitable for you.

    2023 01-16
  • Spring Festival Holiday from 15th to 30th Jan,2023

    Tindo will have a holiday from 15th to 30th, Jan 2023 for celebrating the China Spring Festival.​ Spring Festival (Spring Festival), that is, the Chinese Lunar New Year, commonly known as New Year, New Year, Suidan, etc., is also known verbally as New Year and New Year. The Spring Festival has a long history and evolved from the worship of the first year of the year in ancient times. All things are based on the sky, and people are based on the ancestors.

    2023 01-15
  • Industrial Popcorn machine delivery to Australia

    As a professional supplier of Industrial Popcorn machine in China,Tindo delivery the popcorn machines to whole world countries, such as Australia, Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand, UK,German,Egypt,USA, etc. Tindo produce the kettle popcorn machine,which use less oil to pop the corn kernals, and also we have popcorn caramelization machine,popcorn sifting machine,flavoring machine,and popcorn packing machine.

    2023 01-09
  • Popcorn machine to Egypt

    Popcorn is really a popular snacks because of its crispy taste and sweet. Now,there are 2 kinds popcorn mainly, 1st is hot air poppping.2nd is oil popping,also named kettle popcorn.Tindo,as a professional manufacturer,we produce oil popping popcorn machine. We not only can produce a popcorn popper,

    2022 12-28
  • 100L cooking mixer kettle delivery to UK

    100L cooking mixer kettle delivery to UK.With CE certification, Tindo's cooking mixer, cooking pot, pressure cooking pot is more and more popular in Europe market.

    2022 12-21
  • Sauce making Cooking mixer delivery to Thailand

    As a professional sauce making machine in Thailand, client chooses Tindo brand as their reliable supplier. The client will use Tindo 300L cooking mixer to produce chili suace, curry sauce ,meat sauce etc. The gas heating cooking mixer is a kind of planetary cooking mixer which can mixing the food un

    2022 12-20
  • Chicken Battering Machine delivery to Australia factory

    The BAT600 Chicken Battering Machine delivered to Australia chicken nuggets processing factory on 14th,Dec,2022.This chicken battering machine is designed for battering chicken nuggets, chicken wings,etc.

    2022 12-19
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