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  • What is chicken nuggets machine?
    What is chicken nuggets machine?A chicken nugget machine is a type of food processing equipment used to make chicken nuggets. These machines typically involve a conveyor system that moves ground chicken meat through various stages of the production process, including mixing with other ingredients, s
    2024 03-07
  • Why do we need hydro cutter for french fries produing?
    Hydro Cutter For French Fries - Why Do We Need It?French fries are one of the most popular fast food items around the world. Whether you go to a fast food outlet or a fancy restaurant, French fries are always on the menu. However, have you ever wondered how these fries are made so uniformly and quic
    2023 10-26
  • Tindo Contact Cooker
    When it comes to cooking, there are a variety of options available on the market today. However, for many food production companies, a contact cooker may be the best choice. A contact cooker uses a combination of heat, pressure, and time to cook food evenly, resulting in consistent quality and flavo
    2023 08-18
  • How do you cool pasta after boiling it?
    PASTA COOKING COOLING MACHINE is a compact, easy-to-use appliance that has revolutionized the pasta cooking process with its innovative features and superior functionality. This machine is designed to provide a quick and efficient way of cooking and cooling pasta to perfection, making it an ideal so
    2023 03-27
  • What machines are used to make chicken nuggets?
    Chicken nuggets are typically made using automated food processing equipment such as a cutter, a dicer, a tenderizer, a battering system, and a fryer. The machines are combined to create a complete pr
    2023 02-24
  • What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a Multicooker?
    What is the difference between a industrial pressure cooker and a Multicooker?Industrial pressure cookers' characteristics:1. The operation of industrial pressure cooker is simpleWhen the industrial pressure cooker is in use, the pressure value in the steam pressure cooker is set through the pressur
    2023 02-08
  • Why Batter and Breading Food Before Frying
    Why Batter and Breading Food Before Drying?Did you try to put a naked, skinless chicken breast in a deep fryer directly? I strongly disagree with it. The moment it gets into a vat filled with 200°C oil, something starts to happen. First, the moisture quickly turns to steam, bubbling like a geyser, a
    2023 02-06
  • What is the largest pressure cooker?
    Industrial steam pressure cooker is a new type of food processing appliance that uses steam pressure to cook food. The industrial steam pressure cooker is composed of a pot body, a pot cover matched with the pot body and a pressure control device fitted on the pot cover; It consists of a pressure va
    2023 02-01
  • How to Flatten Chicken Breast at home?
    Cooking the perfect chicken is an art form, and getting it ready for cooking is an art form in itself. Some recipes specifically call for you to flatten the chicken, and sometimes it's easier to flatten it before cooking. Whether you're flattening individual chicken breasts or a whole chicken, here
    2022 12-22
  • What is a contact cooker?
    What is a contact cooker?Contact Cooker is based on the principle of cooking the product continuously between two cooking belts. The most effective method of transferring heat between two bodies is by direct contact. This is achieved by placing the product between the two cooking belts which run bet
    2022 12-07
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