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Wireless Temperature sensor on Cooking Mixer
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Wireless Temperature sensor on Cooking Mixer

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Tindo keep developing the design and technology on the cooking mixers, meat machine ,and all other machines.

In order to work out the problem of the automatic temperature control system of gas heating cooking mixer, Tindo adopt the wireless temperature sensor working together with the temperature controller to control the food temperature during cooking and mixing.

Because the mixer keep rotating during working, so how to install a normal PT100 or similar temperature sensor is a problem to make the cooking mixer more automated, we select this design Bluetooth signal temperature control system. Also this controller will control the gas on and off, once the food get the temperature you setted, the fire will be stopped or started automatically.

If you have demand of gas heating cooking mixer, but also want to control the temperature automatically, please contact us and we will give you the suitable quotation.

tindo cooking mixer with temperature sensor


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