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Spring Festival Holiday from 15th to 30th Jan,2023
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Spring Festival Holiday from 15th to 30th Jan,2023

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Tindo will have a holiday from 15th to 30th, Jan 2023 for celebrating the China Spring Festival.

Spring Festival (Spring Festival), that is, the Chinese Lunar New Year, commonly known as New Year, New Year, Suidan, etc., is also known verbally as New Year and New Year. The Spring Festival has a long history and evolved from the worship of the first year of the year in ancient times. All things are based on the sky, and people are based on the ancestors. Praying for the year and offering sacrifices, worshiping the heavens and the ancestors, repaying the origin and reversing the beginning. The origin of the Spring Festival contains profound cultural connotations, and it carries rich historical and cultural deposits in its inheritance and development. During the Spring Festival, various activities to celebrate the New Year are held all over the country, with strong local characteristics. These activities take removing the old and bringing forth the new, exorcising evil spirits and avoiding disasters, worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and blessings as the main content. The forms are rich and colorful, embodying the essence of Chinese traditional culture.

During the holiday, if you have any urgent requirements on Tindo's cooking mixer, chicken nuggets machine, roaster, meat processing machine or any other machines, you can send us email or speak with us by Whatsapp,we will tr our the best to give you the responds asap.


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