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How to Flatten Chicken Breast at home?
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How to Flatten Chicken Breast at home?

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Cooking the perfect chicken is an art form, and getting it ready for cooking is an art form in itself. Some recipes specifically call for you to flatten the chicken, and sometimes it's easier to flatten it before cooking. Whether you're flattening individual chicken breasts or a whole chicken, here are some tips and tricks to help you and make the whole process easier.

1,Cut thick chicken breasts. 

If you're dealing with particularly thick breasts, your job will be easier if you cut them off before flattening them. Using a sharp knife, cut them horizontally. You can cut it all the way, leaving two separate pieces, or you can cut it almost all the way and open it like a book.

2,Place thawed chicken breasts between waxed paper or plastic wrap.

 Line a large cutting board with waxed paper or plastic wrap. Place chicken breasts on waxed paper. Then, cover it with another layer of wax paper or plastic wrap.

Alternatively, you can place the chicken in a plastic bag, just make sure there is no air in the bag and there is enough extra room for the chicken to spread out.

Many cooks like to moisten the waxed paper or plastic wrap with water to make sure the chicken doesn't stick too much.

3,Beat the chicken with a meat mallet. 

Tap the center lightly, making sure to use enough force to flatten the chicken. Then, move to the sides of the breast, making sure it's even across the breast. [2]

If you don't have a meat mallet, you can hit the breasts with a rolling pin.

4,Remove the top layer of wax paper. 

Once your chicken feels flat enough for whatever recipe you're following or whatever dish you're preparing, remove the top layer of paper or plastic wrap. Double check that it is even. You can then start spreading the filling over the top, transferring it to a plate with a spatula, or whatever else your recipe calls for.

If your chicken breasts are uneven or not flat enough, just put the wax paper or plastic wrap back on top and tap off the unevenness.

If you want to flatten the chicken breast in your factory, what should you do?  Do not worry, we have a chicken breast flattener will help you lot. It can produce flatten chicken breast large capacity.


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