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LS420 Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine
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LS420 Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

The working principle of this equipment is relatively simple, that is, the stretch film vacuum packaging machine needs to use a forming mold, the film must be heated to a certain extent, and then the formed mold is used to fill the shape of the container, and then the product needs to be packed. into the lower mold cavity, and then vacuum-packed.
Product Description

The automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine can automatically make bags, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatically vacuum packaging, fully realize automatic packaging, packaging bags are widely used in specifications, length range: 60-460mm, width range: 60-600mm, packaging The efficiency is 1000-15000 bags per hour. By replacing different feeding systems, it can automatically quantitatively pack different materials such as liquid, paste, powder, and block, so as to realize a multi-purpose machine with high efficiency and intelligence. The main specifications of the product are LS320 Type, LS420, LS520, and the equipment can be customized according to customer product specifications to maximize production capacity, avoid material waste and save production costs.

The control system of the automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine adopts the German Siemens touch screen, PLC and stepping control system, and is equipped with the original German Puxu vacuum pump. The whole machine is easy to adjust intelligently through the man-machine interface, with high stepping precision, coordinated actions and high degree of automation.

Preduster Advantage

1. PLC controlled, running automatically,easy operation.

2. Servo system controls stepper speed with high precision.

3. Choose German Brand chains,no damage the film.

4. Adopt BUSCH bran vacuum pump, running reliable.

5. Forming, sealing and lifting adopt pneumatic lever independent lifting locking system..

6. According to the user's product packaging requirements, on the basis of vacuuming, it can be filled with N2, O2, CO2 mixed gas or a single gas, and the gas mixing ratio can be easily adjusted by air conditioning control.

7. Optional automatic coding/printing system according to the user's product packaging requirements;.

8. With CE certificate, meet HCPP requirements.

Machine Parameters
Upper film width:393--394mm;
Lower film width:422mm;
Compressed air:≥0.6MPa;
Cooling water:≥0.15Mpa;
Power supply:Suitable voltage
Total Power:18-20KW;
Overall Dimensions:6000×950×1860mm;
Total weight:2200kg;


Food, seafood product, meat product, vegetable and fruit product, pickles, chilled meat, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products. Especially suitable for all kind of leisure food, such as: dried tofu, cheese, steak, egg etc.

thermoforming-packing-fish  thermoforming-packing-meat-1

1. What is the automatic Thermoforming vacuum packing machine price

The price is different because of the different mold, packing size. Please inform us more information.

2. Are you a Thermoforming vacuum packing machine manufacturer?

Yes, we are a Thermoforming vacuum packing machine manufacturer in China, supply this machine with factory low price.

3. Why do I need a Thermoforming vacuum packing machine?

If you want to packing large capacity food, the normal vacuum packing machine is too small ,so this type machine is needed. This Thermoforming vacuum packing machine give you large capacity.

4. Do you have oversea afer-sales service center?

Yes, we have partners in Russia, Malaysia, USA,Argentina.
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