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Belt Grill Contact Cooker Machine
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Belt Grill Contact Cooker Machine

Tindo Belt Grill Contact cooker machine can turn the both sides of meat or other vegetables into brown or the color by heating. Whether it's steak, chicken breast, sausage, etc., it can be achieved.
If you need to get stripes on the surface of the meat, it can also be achieved by grill contact cooker.
Product Description

Our contact cookers will bake and cook your foods in only the product's own fat, allowing for a cooking process with no added fat and delivering natural flavours, a product with high eating quality and a homemade look. Another benefit is the minimal weight loss due to the efficient cooking method of contact heat and direct energy transfer into the product. Thanks to the non-stick properties of the conveyor belt, even heavily salted or sticky glazed products can be processed perfectly.

Tindo Belt Grill Contact Cooker Machine Advantage

1. Teflon belts are adopted, suitable for wet and sticky products.
2. Suitable for different height food contact cooking.

3. Temperature Max.260℃, and can be controlled accurately.

4,Belt cleaning system included.

5,Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic

6,Easy to operate; Easy to clean.

Product Parameters



Speed of the belt

3-15 m/min adjustable

Input height

1050+-50 MM

Output height

1010+-50 MM

Effective cooking width

300 mm

Effective cooking length

1000 mm

Effective cooking height

5-50 mm adjustable

Heating Power

45 KW

Width of belt

400 mm

Overall dimension

2300 x 1100 x 1650 mm

Detailed Pictures

contact cooker belt height adjusting device contact cooker oil distribution system

Contact belt height adjusting device                   Contact cooker Oil distribution system

contact cooker teflon belt

Contact cooker Teflon Belt


This contact cooker can be used for many different kinds of foods, such as meat, chicken breast, sausage, steak, chicken nuggets, vegetables, bacon,cottage cheese patty etc.

CONTACT COOKER CHEESE PATTY chicken contact cooker chicken fillet contact cooker

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