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Gas Heating Popcorn Machine
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Gas Heating Popcorn Machine

Large productivity (50-60 kg per hour).

With natural gas or liquefied gas as heating sources, it is fully burned and pollution-free.

Food-grade high quality materials.

Planetary mixing without burning.

Stepless frequency converter.

Automatic hydraulic tilting.

It mainly used for kettle corn producing
Product Description

This popcorn machine is an automatic puffing kettle with the functions of planetary stirring and hydraulic tilting. It can pop 50-60 kg of popcorn per hour.

Use hydraulic thrust to tilting pot body, make the popcorn is easy to in and out and save manpower.
Product Advantages

Simple operation automatic,intelligent and one button, safe operation and stable performance uniform stirring no any stirring blind spot in the pot.

Energy saving and environmental protection without waste residue and noise pollution.
Rapid heating achieve the target temperature with short time.
Safe use inductive heating and no danger of fire.

Digital control to monitor kettle skin temperature to avoid popcorn over processing.

Programmable audible alarm to alert operator when product reaches set-point.

Output: about 60kg popcorn per hour;

Food grade stainless steel is safety and healthy.
Product Parameters
Heating SourceNatural Gas or LPG (LPG is better)
Bowl Diameter800mm
Bowl Depth400mm
Bowl ThicknessInner: 4mm; outer: 3mm
Stirring Power1.5KW
Stirring MethodPlanetary motion
Tilting Power1.5KW
Tilting MethodAutomatic hydraulic

Product Applications
Specially used for popcorn producing. But also can be used for cooking and mixing beverage,stuffing, sauces, curry, sweets, pastes, filling, meat and so on.


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