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Industrial Meat Flattener Machine
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Industrial Meat Flattener Machine

Tindo brand Industrial Meat Flattener Machine is a special and ideal meat flattener for flattening the meat products, it can reduce the thickness of meat with a consistent finish. As a China meat flattening machine manufacturer, we supply the reliable and low factory price meat flattening machine.
Product Description

This Industrial Meat Flattener Machine,it is made of 304 stainless steel and has a variable conveyor speed that allows it to be integrated with automatic battering and crumbing lines, using a roller based progressive flattening system to adjust the thickness from 3-30mm to gently flatten the fish and chicken and other proteins, and it also has water spray bars on the top belt to help keep the product from sticking to the belt,

Industrial Meat Flattener Machine Advantage

1,With safety sensor, once the cover open, it stops automatically.

2,Water spraying device, make sure no meat sticky.

3,6pcs rollers, make sure pressing uniformly, no damage the meat piece.

4,Thickness of the meat is adjustable.

5,Made of stainless steel, reasonable structure, and reliable.

6,Widely application, beef, pork, chicken breast, etc.

7.Full SUS304 materials and food grade plastic, keep food safety.

8,With CE certificate, meet HCPP requirements.

9,Easy operating, easy cleaning.

Industrial Meat Flattener Machine Parameters
Belt width400mm600mm
Flatten thickness1-40mm1-40mm


It can be used for processing flattening large quantities of chicken, fish or red meat such as beef, veal & lamb.

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