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Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine
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Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine

Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine adopts air bubble washing. Applies to vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, and other granular, leafy, root cleaning products, immersion. We can customized machines according to your capacity requirement. It is specially designed and manufactured by Tindo to wash many kinds of vegetables and fruits with air bubble, imitating the manual washing principle, which can wash vegetables and fruits completely and gently.
Product Description

1. Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, in line with Accord with national food safety standards.

2. Use of a bubble rolling, brushing, spraying technology to maximize the cleaning of objects.

3. The pipeline can be tailored according to every single user their different processing characteristics to best meet the process requirements.

4. With High-Pressure Spray Valves above washing tank to wash vegetables from top,and also after the vegetables lifted from the tank by the conveyor,also cleaned by the high pressure spray water.

5. Clean running speed stepless adjustable, users can be set according to different cleaning content.

Compact, a high degree of automation, suitable for all kinds of processing scale enterprises.

6. Ozone Generator to disinfect and sterilize (OPTIONAL)

Product Parameters

Product Applications

This mushroom washing machine, not only used for washing mushroom, but as an air bubble water spraying washing machine can be widely applied in various fruits and vegetable cleaning and washing. which is suitable for washing vegetables, pickles, pepper, fruits, aquatic products, such as granular, leafy and root vegetable products for cleaning, soaking, sterilization and solid color, and others.

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