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Manual Tilting Cooking Mixer
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Manual Tilting Cooking Mixer

Manual Tilting Cooking Mixer is a popular large jacketed kettle cooking kettle equipment .
Food-grade high quality materials.
Stepless frequency converter.
Manual Tilting device, easy operating.
Product Description

A Gas heating Cooking kettle mixer,also known as jacketed cooking kettle, is an excellent equipment for food processing to save labors and improve working conditions. The kettle has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, and easy control of heating temperature.

With the Teflon agitator, it scrape the bowl surface clean, no food stick, no food burnt during cooing

As a large cooking equipment,it can be used for large capacity food processing,with it's high capacity and reliable quality and low price, it is the best choice for the food factory using.

Product Advantages

Full combustion, no smoke and dust, no environmental pollution.

Different heating solution can be selected, steam,gas,induction, electric thermal oil.

Reasonable structure and convenient operation.

High thermal efficiency: increased by about 25% compared with similar products.

Powerful energy saving: about 20% lower than similar products.

Product Parameters
Model Bowl Diameter Bowl Depth Stirring Power Dimension
100L 600mm 300mm 1.5KW 1125*800*1350mm
100L 700mm 350mm 1.5KW 1250*900*1350mm
200L 800mm 400mm 1.5KW 1350*1000*1430mm
300L 900mm 450mm 1.5KW 1450*1100*1480mm
400L 1000mm 500mm 2.2KW 1550*1200*1530mm
500L 1100mm 550mm 4KW 1650*1300*1580mm
600L 1200mm 600mm 4KW 1750*1400*1630mm


Product Applications

Manual Tilting Cooking Mixer with Fixed Axis can be used for mixing and cooking industry, filling cooking industry (jam, lotus paste, preserved fruit, jujube paste), meat processing industry(pot-stewed fowl, ported meat paste, hoisin sauce), seasoning industry(hotpot condiment, instant noodles paste, chili sauce),hotel , restaurant and fast food site.


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