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Meat Bowl Cutter
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Meat Bowl Cutter

The meat bowl cutter cuts various meats into meat fillings and stuffings through the high-speed rotation of the reamer, and then mixes the fillings with other raw materials such as water and other auxiliary materials into a uniform milky substance.
Product Description

The knife speed of the chopping machine, the speed of the pot, the gap between the chopping knife and the rotating pot achieve the best combination, so that the fineness of the chopped products is good, the heating is small, and the chopping time is short, especially because of the emulsification treatment, the fineness of sausage products The density and elasticity are greatly enhanced, and the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of meat products are improved to the greatest extent.


1.Tindo Bowl Cutter machine is widely used for meat, vegetables, nuts, seafood and spices and so on
2. Tindo Bowl Cutter machine can adjust the blades speed, chopping pot speed, the space between blade.

3. This machine is with characteristics of high quality stainless steel materials, high quality, good performance, stable running,hygienic standard, long service life.

bow cutter details

Capacity10-15kg/batch20-30kg/batch40-60kg/batch100-120 kg/batch
Kopis quantity3 pcs3 pcs6 pcs6pcs
Kopis rotating speed2980r/min2980r/min3450r/min3600r/min
Chop pot rotating speed16r/min16r/min16r/min13r/min

Overall dimension0.7*0.65*0.98m1.5*0.865*1.4m1.82*1.36*1.25m1.99*1.49*1.36m


This Meat Bowl Cutter can be used for many different kinds of meat or vegetables, such as pork, beef,ginger, garlic, carrot etc. 

bowl cutter application

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