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How do you breading chicken nuggets and burger patties?
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How do you breading chicken nuggets and burger patties?

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How do you breading chicken nuggets and burger patties?


When you walk into the supermarket and see all kinds of prepared foods in the freezer, such as chicken nuggets,fried chicken, hamburger patties, pork fillets, chicken chops, chicken tenders, do you find that they are all coated with a layer of bread crumbs? So you may wonder, how do they coat with bread crumbs in such a large quantity?

If you make chicken nuggets,fried chicken fillet or hamburger patties at home, before you bread crumbs, please prepare the ingredients first, and make the chicken chops without bread crumbs, and then sprinkle a thin layer of flour on the chicken chops, Then put the chicken chops into the egg liquid to ensure that the egg liquid is spread evenly on the chicken chops. Now you can put the chicken chops with egg liquid into the prepared bread crumbs, submerge the chicken chops in the bread crumbs with your hands, and press a few times gently to help the bread crumbs stick to the chicken chops evenly .Then you can put it in the prepared pan to fry. Remember the temperature is not too high.

What about industrial production? Then please contact us, we, Tindo, can provide you with one-stop service, from the processing of chicken, pork and other raw materials to hamburger patty forming machine, battering machine, breading machine, final freezing and packaging, all can be provided for you. If you need our batering machine,and factory price breading machine, you can send us an email.


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