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Pasta Cooking Cooling Machine
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Pasta Cooking Cooling Machine

Pasta cooking cooling machine, is an automatic machine which has cooking/boiling and cooling function together. It does not can Cook pasta, rice, quinoa, bulgur only, but also can blanch your vegetables or cook them crunchy,defrost your fish or vegetables at the right temperature.
Product Description

The Pasta Cooking Cooling Machine is fully automatic, so the operator only needs to pour in the pasta to the feeder, and then press start button, the machine will cook and cooling the pasta itself. 

Pasta Cooking Cooling Machine with automatic temperature monitoring system and control the heating on and off, water in or out.

Once the pasta is cooked, it is automatically trans the pasta from the boiling water to the cooling part which has chilled water and an automatic mixer improve the cooling efficent.

When cooling is complete, the basket lifts the pasta to drain. Operators then unload the pasta into carts.


1,PLC control, easy operating

2,With Time and Temperature monitor, you can set the cooking/cooling time and temperature

3,With mixing system, avoid pasta sticking

4,Air bubble blowing system can be optional

5,Full automatically running, save labor power

6, Large capacity: 200 up to 1.500 kg/h of final product

7,Widly application, can be used for pasta, noodles,rice, bean, meat,fish etc

Electric Heating Power36KW
Cooking basket Volume300L
Cooling basket Volume300L

Detailed pictures


Pasta cooker PLC control panel pasta cooking machine water sprayer

PLC control                                Water Sprayer&Mixer


The Pasta Cooking Cooling Machine is a versatile machine for cooking and cooling all types of pasta such as spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, gnocchi, dumplings, ravioli, etc. But also it can be used for cooking and cooling vegetables,fish, meat etc.

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