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Caramel Cooking Tank
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Caramel Cooking Tank

This caramel cooking tank is a universal batch cooker designed for cooking all types of masses such as caramel, binders, jelly, fillings, sugar solutions etc.
Product Description

Batch type caramel cooking plant. The cooker heated in jacketed by electric or steam, including mixer to help the sugar/caramel melting well, with pump to trans the syrup to the storage tank with fixed temperature.

The machine is according to CE rules.

Caramel Cooking Tank Advantage

Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel. AISI316 optional.

Mixing arms are with Teflon scrapers.

Agitator is with adjustable speed.

Discharging point to buckets.

Lobe type stainless steel pump.

1 unit 360L Syrup Cooking tank and 2 units 180L syrup storage tank.

Product Parameters

Power:3P/380V/60KW or customized. Syrup cooking tank: inner dia705mm,depth:950mm, can be customized. Syrup storage tank: inner dia505mm,depth: 900mm can be customized. Pump power:1.1KW Size:2800*1300*1600mm

Detailed Pictures

Nuggets-forming-machine-electric-wiring      pressure-cooking-kettle-details


This grill marker is used for cooking caramel, sugar liquid ,chocolate,honey etc.


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