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Carrot Peeling Washing Machine
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Carrot Peeling Washing Machine

Cleaning with a wool roller is relatively simple, convenient, and quick, and it is also convenient to clean and easy to disassemble and repair.
Product Description

The carrots are poured into the carrot washing and peeling machine, which is fully dispersed, rolled, rubbed and cleaned under the action of high-pressure water flow and brush rolling.The silt and dust removed from the surface of the material falls into the dust collecting box of the equipment directly with the water flow and is discharged through large diameter pipe.

Preduster Advantage
Potato peeling processing equipment can completely remove potato skin and can be compatible with other equipment to form a continuous processing line.

Simple structure, convenient for daily overhaul and maintenance.

The machine is especially suitable for cleaning polishing or peeling fruits and vegetables such as radish, carrot, potato, and sweet potato.
Carrot Washing Peeling Machine Parameters


Food, seafood product, meat product, vegetable and fruit product, pickles, chilled meat, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products. Especially suitable for all kind of leisure food, such as: dried tofu, cheese, steak, egg etc.


1. Can this washing peeling machine used for potato?

Yes, this washing peeling machine only only can be used for carrot, also can be used for other roots vegetables, such as potato,onion,ginger, casava,sweet potato etc. Also some seafood.

2. Are you a carrot peeling washing machine manufacturer?

Yes, we are a carrot peeling washing machine manufacturer in China, supply this machine with factory low price.

3. What is this carrot peeling washing machine price?

It is different price with different models. We have the low China factory carrot peeling washing machine price.

4. Do you have oversea afer-sales service center?

Yes, we have partners in Russia, Malaysia, USA,Argentina.
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