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Automatic Potato Peeler Machine
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Automatic Potato Peeler Machine

This Automatic Potato Peeler Machine with low factory price, it is not can be used for peeling the potatoes, but also can be used for peeling and washing different vegetables,such as carrot,sweet potato,radish,yam, etc. The rotating brushers working together with the high pressure water spraying, remove the skin of the vegetables,and clean it well. 
Product Description

The Automatic Potato Peeler Machine has the characteristics of cleaning, water saving, large processing capacity, and short cleaning time. It can complete the cleaning and peeling process of root vegetables, and is suitable for potatoes, radishes, carrots, ginger, lotus root, etc. , turetic, sweet potatoes, other root vegetables and hard fruits. It is an ideal equipment for frozen food processing plants, vegetable processing plants, fruit juice processing plants, etc.

According to the characteristics of the processed raw materials, two kinds of hard brushes and soft brushes are used to avoid excessive damage to the raw materials as much as possible.


1. The machines adopts superior quality 304 pristine sword, which is conform to the food assiduity using norms.
2. Adopts separation device of motor and reducer, the working sound is 60 lower than the common encounter comber washing machine.
3. The machine adopts 9pcs encounter breakers, which can make the raw accoutrements completely communicate with the encounter breakers, to get effective washing or shelling.
4. At the bottom of the machine, there is a water entering filtering plate, which can separate the waste water with contaminations effectively, which won't pasture the drain.
5. Adopts water evidence switch.
6. The skirmishes can be disassembled fastly, easy and accessible for conservation.



This Automatic Potato Peeler Machine can be used for cleaning and peeling Food, seafood product, meat product, vegetable and fruit product, pickles, chilled meat.

Automatic Potato Peeler Machine application

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