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How does Beyond Fried Chicken actually taste?
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How does Beyond Fried Chicken actually taste?

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The Beyond Fried Chicken machine is an innovative and sustainable way to serve chicken nuggets or burger patties. With an automatic chicken nugget machine production line, it has a capacity of producing up to 10,000 pieces of fried chicken per hour, which is far more than the average restaurant.

This machine can save time and energy for both the cook and the diner. The cook does not need to fry each piece individually, which saves time and energy. Meanwhile, the diner can enjoy crispy chicken nuggets without having to eat out of a deep fryer.

What equipment do I need to open a chicken nugget factory?

Chicken nugget production is not a complicated producing process. But that needs you to have the special chicnen nuggets equipment to produce that.

Such as a meat grinder, meat mixer, chiken nuggets forming machine, nuggets battering machine, nuggets flour coating machine, chicken nuggets frying machine, and quick freezer.

Tindo, as a professional chicken nuggets machine supplier from China, can help you to build up the production line from start to end.

If you want to know more about our chicken nuggets maker machine details, please Email us or WhatApp us +86 18560091508.


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