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Automatic Chicken Nuggets Processing Line
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Automatic Chicken Nuggets Processing Line

This automatic chicken nuggets machine is a full line for processing chicken nuggets, fish fingers, fish nuggets, burger patty etc. You can get different shape nuggets, such as circles, chicken nuggets, squares, hearts, triangle, also we can customize the line for your capacity requirements.
As a professional China chicken nuggets or hamburger patty maker machine manufacturer, we always supply you top quality machines with factory price.
Product Description

This chicken nuggets processing line includes forming machine, preduster/flouring machine, battering machine, breading machine, frying machine, and cooling machine, freezing machine. The machine belts width can be 200mm,300mm,400mm,600mm and 800mm.

Tindo can supply you whole solution from the meat grinder, meat mixing machine, and till cooling machine. 

Product Advantages

1,Multifunction, it can produce many kinds of different food, such as veggie hamburger patty, nuggets.
2,The machines can be composed to a whole line, or can be working separately.
3,Full automatic production, save manpower.
4.Full SUS304 materials and food grade plastic, keep food safety.
5,With CE certificate, meet HCPP requirements.
6,Easy operating, easy cleaning.

Chicken Nuggets Processing Line Parameters
ModelCapacityPowerBelt width

Product Applications

Automatic chicken nuggets line can be used for flouring fish filets, convenience food, seafood, pastries, nuggets, burger patty, candy etc.

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For the production of crumbed / breaded chicken nuggets, the production line is composed with the following machinery:      


Automatic Chicken Nuggets Forming Machine

The forming machine,also named chicken nugget or hamburger patty maker,which mainly for producing nuggets,hamburger patty,fish fingers,onion rings etc, is a multi-functional food production line being capable of filling, forming and conveying, etc. Furthermore, this type chicken nuggets or burger patty forming machine allows for working together with battering machine, breading machine, flouring machine, frying machine, instant freezer and packaging, etc.


Preduster Machine

This Preduster flouring machine has 2 separate running belt to guarantee the even coating on foods. The upper belt makes the flour sprinkling from above onto the food, and the lower belt trans the foods with flour laying on the belt to coat the bottom of the foods. There are roller pressing the flour to stick strongly on the foods surface,also, there are vibration system, blowing system to help your products getting the precisely coating.


Battering Machine

The Tindo BAT series batter applicator machine is highly recommended for adding coating value to the food in large capacity and can be used for coating battering or tempura style liquid for chicken, onion rings, vegetables, cheese, and more. It can be used for thick or thin different liquid. With air blowing system,remove the extra coated liquid.

coating-2 (1) Breading Machine

Tindo BRD series breading machine ,also named bread crumbs coating machine,provides high performance and easy maintenance. Fully constructed of stainless steel, and suitable for a wide range of applications including breading chicken, veal, pork & beef schnitzels, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, crumbled cheese sticks & much more. It can easily apply to different types of breading to food that has already been battered.


Frying Machine

This fryer adopt digital PID temperature control method, the accuracy of temperature can be controlled within ±1℃, max oil temperature can be 300℃, and including the function of auto-power-cut-off when temperature extra max. temperature limited, this is safe for heating up the oil and frying.

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