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MF200 Automatic Forming Machine Supplier
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MF200 Automatic Forming Machine Supplier

Automatic MF200 forming machine can automatically complete filling, forming, sticker (optional), output and other processes.

Different shapes (round, square, oval, triangle, heart and other shapes) can be produced by changing different molds.
Product Description


This MF200 forming machine can forming all kinds of meat pie, such as, chicken cutlet, shrimp cutlet, fish cutlet, beef cutlet, etc.

This automatic forming machine can produce different size and shape(round shape, square shape, oval shape, triangle shape, star shape, etc.) meat pie/potato cake/fish pie/cutlets by changing the different mold. The products thickness can be adjusted freely.

For the accuracy and convenient adjust of the cutlet thickness, the mold core is designed for detachable. It’s the very reasonable design.

This machine according to the safety, hygiene, and technology of meat products processing machinery standard. The contact surface between machine and meat adopts high quality stainless steel and nontoxic ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, so it can reach hygiene standard.

Really good quality, long service life, good performance, stable running, simple operation, very good forming effect.

Product Parameters
Output35 pcs/min
Volume of Material tank30L
Power switch380V/50HZ
Equipment weight100KG
Overall dimension860×600×1400mm

Detailed Pictures

details-of-MF200-forming-machine (1)


This MF200 forming machine can be used for producing burger patty, chicken nuggets, onion ring, etc.


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