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Popcorn machine to Egypt
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Popcorn machine to Egypt

Views: 2     Author: Tindo     Publish Time: 2022-12-28      Origin: Site

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Popcorn is really a popular snacks because of its crispy taste and sweet. Now,there are 2 kinds popcorn mainly, 1st is hot air poppping.2nd is oil popping,also named kettle popcorn.

Tindo,as a professional manufacturer,we produce oil popping popcorn machine. We not only can produce a popcorn popper, but also we can produce a whole popcorn production line including popcorn popper, popcorn cooling machine, popcorn caramel coating machine, popcorn shifting drum, popcorn flavoring drum, and packing machine.

This shipment, 2 units popcorn machine, as a expanded capacity for a popcorn producing line which brought 3 years ago. Now, the client's line has 6 units popcorn popper now, the capacity will be 400kgs/h around. 

If you like to produce popcorn large capacity, please informa us, we will give you the best service.

popcorn machine


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