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Is there a machine to peel potatoes?
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Is there a machine to peel potatoes?

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Is there a machine to peel potatoes?

Are you still manually peeling the potatoes? If you are a potato processing factory? Are you a potato chips or french fries manufacturer? If so, please read this artical, will help you know more about how to peel the potatoes.

Yes, there is a potato peeler machine available. It is called the Potato Peeler Machine by Tindo. This product is designed to help you peel potatoes faster and easier.

But how the potato peeler machine working?

It is mainly composed of: motor, brush roller, electric control device and so on. The whole machine is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant steel, which can work continuously for a long time. The body is stainless, non-corrosive, and non-deformable. Large, medium and small restaurants, clean vegetable processing manufacturers, rough and deep processing manufacturers of agricultural products, complete models and specifications, and output ranging from 500kg-5000kg per hour, which can meet the different needs of the majority of agricultural product processing manufacturers.

Can we get any help on potato peeling machine from Tindo?

Absolutely, Tindo can help you on the potato peeling, also sweet potato,lotus root,carrot, radish,etc. Tindo's potato peeling machine with low factory price, and reliable quality. As a professional potato peeling machine manufacturer, we also we can supply the automatic potato peeler,onion peeler machine,and other vegetable peeling machine.


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