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Batter Applicator
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Batter Applicator

The batter applicator machine is highly recommended for adding coating value to the food in large capacity and can be used for coating battering or tempura style liquid for chicken, onion rings, vegetables, cheese, and more.
Product Description

The batter is typically the first step in the food coating process, such as chicken nuggets, burger patty, vegetables, etc. Tindo's batter applicator is a critical machine for uniform and consistent coating coverage and higher product quality.

Our batter applicator is able to handle both conventional and highly leavened tempura-style batter liquid. And suitable for a wide range of product substrates.

Preduster Advantage

Speed adjustable, it can match the Tindo's battering machine, frying machine or breading machine

Working with a wide range of products and batter all in one applicator

Top submerge style of application,widly application.

Speed adjustable, sutiable for difference capacity requirements.

Adjustable height top submerge accommodates products of varying heights

Air blower system,blow off the extra tempura batter

Easy operation and maintenance, work efficiently with no noise

Full SUS304 materials, food grade.

Batter Applicator Parameters
Speed of the belt3-15m/min adjustable3-15m/min adjustable
Input height1050±50mm1050±50mm
Output height800-1100mm800-1100mm
Width of the belt400mm600mm
Overall dimension3100×700×1400mm3100×900×1400mm

Detailed Pictures

batter-applicator  batter-applicator-1

This batter applicator, can be used for coating battering or tempura style liquid for chicken, onion rings, vegetables, cheese, and more.

batter-applicator-food-3  batter-applicator-food2  batter-applicator-food3

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