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This Preduster,also named of flouring machine, is designed to evenly coat chicken nuggets,fish fillet, fish fingers, burger patty, chicken wings,chicken leg,refreshment with different types of flour,breading crumbs, finely nuts or similar.
Product Description
Tindo’s preduster,also named of flouring machine, is widly used for coating different meat or vegetables, or the meat processed foods, such as nuggets, burger patty, meatball or similar.It can coats the food bottom and upper surface totally.

Our pre-duster is ideal for fine coating materials such as fine-grained flours, spices, powders and sugars. Two conveyor belt systems guarantee a complete and uniform coating. The lower conveyor belt moves the product through the bed, while the upper conveyor belt produces the desired spray action from above on the product to be coated. This way, your product will get the exact coating you expect with an adjustable pressing, vibration and blower system. 

Preduster Advantage

Speed adjustable, it can match the Tindo's battering machine, frying machine or breading machine

Ideal suitability for all coating foods by fine grain materials

Special design to minimal dust generation

Adjustable vibration and pressing devices for achieving the optimal coating result

Easy operating machine, save manpower

Full SUS304 and other food grade materils, food safety standard

Easy-to-clean design, easy to empty the material

HACCP and CE authorization

Preduster Parameters

Speed of the belt3-15m/min adjustable3-15m/min adjustable
Input height1050±50mm1050±50mm
Output height800-1100mm800-1100mm
Width of the belt400mm600mm
Overall dimension3100×700×1400mm3100×900×1400mm

Detailed Pictures

preduster-details     preduster-belt


This preduster, Application of dry rubs to BBQ meats, floured fish filets, predusted convenience food, seafood, pastries and candy.

preduster-application meat-preduster flouring-machine

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