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Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine
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Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine

This Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine is the ideal tool for slicing fresh meat, such as beef,pork,chicken breast, fish etc. It is mainly used to help meatpacking plants, butchers and supermarkets with high volume production requirements. Manufactured with top safety standards.
Product Description

As an ideal meat slicing machine, Tindo's Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine is suitable for slicing fresh meats such as chicken, beef, fish, pork and lamb. 

It can slice up tp 7 layers totally, and each slice can be 3mm minimum.

You can slice into different thickness and layers of the fresh meat block by changing the blades quantity and adjust the blades height.

Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine Advantage

High cutting precision

Slicing thickness can be adjusted from 3 to 50mm

2 lanes design, max capacity can be 120pieces/min

Perform in-feed and out-feed automatically

Easy operating,cleaning.

Made in stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials

High waterproof degree.

HACCP and CE authorization

Product Parameters of Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing
Mesh Belt Width(mm)200*2
Mesh Belt Speed(m/min)3-15mm
Max Meat Width(mm)140
Min Cutting Thickness(mm)3
Max Cutting Thickness(mm)50
Slicing Speed(piece/min)120
Cutting Height(mm)1050±50

Detailed Pictures

slicer-belt   multi-layer-slicer


This Automatic Fresh Meat Slicing Machine, suiable for different kinds of fresh meat slicing, such as chicken breast, beef,pork,and other boneless meat.


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