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Drum Flouring Machine
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Drum Flouring Machine

Accurate flour pre-dusting is the key to obtaining a "crisp" coated product. A fine coat of flour on smooth-surfaced products creates a nice adhesive layer that absorbs batter and other coatings better. The end result is an attractive, crunchy product. It may sound simple, but using fine flour particles is a science in itself.
Tindo drum flouring machine,is an idea preduster machine for lot os foods.
Product Description

Tindo Preduster coating/Flouring machine is specially produced for coating flour or fine breading crumbs for meat or vegetable foods, such as chicken legs, minced meat cubes, sliced vegetables, etc.

This preduster machine is composed of a conveyor-type pre-coating section and drum-type rolling coating section. After the drum rolling coating section, the flour will be stick more evenly and strongly on the food’s surface. There is a flour collection and filtering device, and the flour can be used recycled.

Preduster Advantage

1,including conveyor flouring system, flouring spreading system and drum rolling system, make sure flour coated uniformly.

2, After filtering, the flour is directly fed from flatbed to the drum to avoid meat from sticking on the belt.

3,With flour filtering and recycle system, save the flour consumption.

4,Belt and drum speed adjustable.

5,Siemens/Schneider brands electric parts, running reliable.

6,Full SUS304 materials, meet CE certification.

Drum Flouring Machine Parameters
Speed of belt3~15m/min adjustable
Width of belt600mm
Input height1050±50 mm
Output height1050±50 mm
Power3.5 kw
Overall dimension4200x1210x2000 mm

This drum preduster suitable for coating flour or bread crumbs for chicken legs, wings, diced meat, chicken strips and seafood etc.


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