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Automatic Batter Breading Machine
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Automatic Batter Breading Machine

Battering and Breading 2 in 1.

Used for meat strips,chicken breast,shrimps,nuggets,burger patty,vegetables,seafood battering and breading processing

Table-top type machine,suitable for food factory,restaurant,food shop etc.
Product Description

Automatic batter-breading machine can use for coating many types foods from large size burger patties, with bone, boneless chickens to small size strips, cubes, shrimps, onion rings etc.

The top layer conveyor belt is for liquid or any viscosity batter coating;the bottom layer conveyor belt is for wheat flour, breadcrumbs coating.

The food materials are feeding from top one side and after coating discharged from bottom same side, save kitchen space and keep consistent coating effect.

These two layers conveyor section can be detachable, for easy lifting, cleaning and transportation.

Product Advantages

Two-in-one system, can use for liquid coating and solid coating in one time,one machine.

Small size,easy operation. Can be put on table or floor.

Widely used for many kinds food, max food width can be 10cm.

Product Parameters
Effective belt width150mm
Speed of belt:adjustable

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