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Vacuum Planetary Cooking Mixer
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Vacuum Planetary Cooking Mixer

● Capacity: 400 liters, 600 liters
● Heating source: gas, electric, steam, induction
● Automatic tiling
● Temperature controllable
● Low boiling point
● Customizable
Product Description

The Vacuum planetary cooking mixer is used to cook food under negative pressure. As we all know, the boiling point of materials in a vacuum environment is much lower than the boiling point under normal pressure or high pressure.

When the material is boiled and concentrated at 70-80 degrees Celsius, the original flavor can be maintained, the nutrition of the material is not damaged, and the material is heated uniformly. Vacuum cooking can improve processing efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and shorten cooking time. This Vacuum Tilting Cooking Mixer Pot is suitable for food processing such as bean paste, jams, lotus paste, fruit puree, sauce, meat floss, fish bait, etc., as well as frying and vacuum compression of solid granular materials and high-viscosity materials.

Product Parameters
CapacityDiameterMixing SpeedMixing PowerWorking pressureVacuum pressureDischarging

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The sous-vide-cooked vegetables can completely retain most of the cell walls and dissolve the hard gel components, thereby making the vegetables more tender. In addition, the cooked beans can retain most of their water-soluble vitamins and minerals.

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