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Hydro Cutter For French Fries
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Hydro Cutter For French Fries

Tindo provide expert design, parts, and individual machines to full hydrocutting systems to meet your needs. Whether you are cutting french fries, carrots, cucumbers or other produce, our Tindo Hydro Cutter is designed to your exact operation and built for durability, ease-of-use, minimal maintenance and simple sanitation.
Product Description

Hydro Cutter For French Fries also named Water-Knife Cutter, potato hydrocutter.

1. Principle of Hydro Cutter For French Fries: Cutting potatoes for human consumption is a very delicate and precise process. During the process, the potatoes are held in water and pumped under high pressure onto stationary stainless steel cutting blades, resulting in a beautifully cut end product.

Hydro Cutter can slice a variety of products, such as potatoes and carrots. Product is transported into storage tanks that enter closed waterways. The potatoes are cut at high speed by a specially developed knife holder, cutting the product into halves, quarters or sixths. Cutting basically cuts every type of slice (cuts, dices, etc.) Demand for "special cut" products has increased, and new creative shapes are being introduced all the time.

Tindo Hydro Cutter Advantage

• High volume cutting. Depending on the application, system capacity ranges from 500-20,000kgs per hour 

• Product length is larger than diameter. Hydrocutters cut product lengthwise • Quality. Product velocity and sharp blades produce very clean cuts 

• Profile Cutting. For constant cross-section lengthwise cuts

Product Parameters

Product Size:

up to 5” (127 mm) diameter

Detailed Pictures

hydro cutter machine TINDO


Potato, Apple, Carrots, Cucumber, Onions, Peppers etc.

Hydro cutter shapeapplication of hydro cutter

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