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VF400 Vacuum Frying Machine
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VF400 Vacuum Frying Machine

As a reliable vacuum frying machine manufacturer in China.we are selling our VF400 vacuum frying machine to USA,Mexico,Brazil,Japan,India and Europe market with its reliable quality, latest technology.

The vacuum degree can be 200pa.

Save 30%-60% frying time per batch than other brand vacuum fryer.

Our vacuum frying machine very suitable for clients who want to produce large capacity top quality potato chips crispy.
Product Description

This VF400 Vacuum Frying Machine is a main machine which used for frying/drying the vegetable and fruits chips,with edible vegetable oil as heat medium, use the advanced technologies such as cryogenic vacuum frying (VF).

It can be in a very short period of time, rapid drying, moisture content is very low fruit and vegetable food, low oil content, crisp and not greasy, preserved fruits and vegetables original shape, color, aroma, taste, and rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Also the vacuum fried food with low sugar, low fat, low salt, geothermal and other characteristics.

Machine Advantage

1,Bigger capacity. You can process 250-400Kgs banana chips per hour.

2, Shortest frying time. The others brand vacuum fryer need more than 30-50 minutes per batch for different vegetables or fruits, Tindo Vacuum fryer need only 8-30min/batch.

3,Low oil content. The frying timer shorter, the oil content less. More healthy.

4,More reliable design and quality. We choose the top brand parts, which give you reliable quality.

Product Parameters
Frying Basket volume250L
Frying capacity input100-150Kgs/Batch
Batch time (Most fruits&vegetables)18-25min
Vacuum degree300-1000(Pa)(at water temperature 15℃)
Oil temperature(℃)100~120
Heating source(Steam) 0.4~0.5mpa300kgs/H
Oil heating methodHeating exchanger & Fryer chamber both. Keep circulating
Power(380-440V customized)22.5KW

Detailed Pictures



This vacuum frying machine can be used for most kinds of vegetable or fruits to get the crispy vacuum fried food.

Vegetables: Beetroot,Onion, Carrot, Sweet potato, Potato, Pumpkin, Okra, Balsam pear, Taro, Lotus root, Kidney bean, Mushroom, Cucumber, etc. Fruits: Jact fruit, Apple, Pear, Persimmon, Banana, Pineapple, Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Chinese gooseberry, Carambola (star fruit), Muskmelon etc.

Nuts: Peanut, Almond, Pea, Walnut, cashew nut etc.

Aquatic products: Fish, Shrimp, Shellfish, etc.

Others: Bean Product, meat, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.


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