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Beans Industrial Pressure Cooker
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Beans Industrial Pressure Cooker

This Beans Industrial Pressure Cooker is an autoclave cooking equipment. It is designed for efficient heat treatment of a wide variety of food and non-food products. It reduces energy consumption and saves cooking time. Its capacity varies from 100 to 1500 liters. Due to the rather short cooking time, the product retains an attractive appearance, better taste and smell.
Product Description

Industrial Pressure Cooker is designed to make large-scale food cooking operations more efficient. It is a fully automatic device equipped with an automatic pressure relief valve, automatic temperature control and multiple heating methods. 

It comes in a wide range of volumes from 100L to 1500L and can provide high pressure for large volume in a short amount of time. 

This Beans Industrial Pressure Cooker it suitable for cooking large volume of food at high pressure and efficiency, such as meat and vegetables. 

Moreover, its intelligent technology allows for adjustable temperature and pressure settings. Industrial pressure cooker is ideal for preparing high-quality food for large-scale catering service.

Features of Industrial Pressure Cooker

● Industrial Pressure cookers are designed with a tiltable layout for easy unloading of cooked food.

● With highly stable and reliable pressure sensor 

● Digital pressure controller, which can automatically release pressure.

● Full stainless steel material,easy to clean.

● The working pressure inside the pot is adjustable.

● Large volume: 100-2000 liters.

CapacityBowl DiameterBowl DepthMachine DimensionHeating Power
(electric heating type)
Induction Coil Power
(Induction heating type)

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Automatic Industrial Pressure Cooker can be used for mixing and cooking industry,meat cooking,bone soup cooking, bean cooking.

industrial pressure cooker application

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